KIRTAN – An ancient practice of Bhakti combining chanting, music, song and meditation to cleanse the mind and connect with the inner heart creating an uplifting sense of inner joy and self-connection.


Omkar Kirtan brings an uplifting and connecting quality through sound, chanting mantra, rhythm and connecting as one voice.

The practice becomes like an internal meditation despite being held within the sound of the group.

Mantra is a way of stilling the mind but is easier than meditation as we concentrate on the sound and incorporate the frequency and vibration of the harmonics into our system, with mind body and soul.

Add music, rhythm and community to this and it has a profound effect on the nervous system and our outlook on life.

A deeply uplifting experience, everyone must try at least once… you might just like it!


The Kirtan leaders and musicians will guide and support access to find a deeper awareness of presence or freedom, through singing “mantra”, (vehicle of the mind) enabling you to drop out of your head space into the heart, creating a sense of inner joy and connection to oneself.

You do not have to be proficient in singing or meditation to attend, your presence is all that is required and let the calming, relaxing session take you to your peaceful place. Kirtan becomes like a meditation.

For each individual it is a unique experience, some finding peace from the pressures of the outside world, some finding inspiration and forgotten or new elements of life that are close to the heart.

For others it’s an opportunity to experience the astounding merging effects when we sing together as a group, as one voice, and for some it can give a true insight into the self as an individual and/or as part of something bigger.


with Mark Bouzida and Emma Goldie

Marks infectious rhythm and smile
bring upbeat and authentic energy
to the kirtan world, we’re delighted
to have him on board.

Emmas connection to the roots of
India take us beyond the here
and now to a more profound
experience of the self.

Dates and timing: 6:45 – 9:15 PM

19 June / 7 August / September

06 November / 18 December


Earlybird Tickets £15

Standard Tickets £20