We were very excited to welcome everyone to our first ‘Little India’ Event in Essex. After a lot of planning and preparation, we are thrilled at its success! A BIG thank you to everyone involved that helped us make the event possible!

Kirtan is a fun and exciting way to engage in to a deeply connected meditative state.….dropping the mind and being held in the heart of sound.

BALANCE …is the key to life!!
Especially when you’re smiling…
Little India converts…

Keep watching us for more exciting events.

And get in touch if you have something to offer and want to be part of our exciting growing team.

We love community, we love talent, we love vision and we love sharing the load of life….

Ravi Ji

Renowned for World Kirtan, Overtone Chanting,
Gong & Sound Baths

Shi Xing Fa

Bodhidharma’s YiJinJing QiGong
Originated in India: Muscle Tendon change classic QiGong

Alva  Yoga

Kirtan & Nada Sound Yoga
Collective, Yoga Nidra

Paul Terrell

Tantric Yoga: Healing and Protection
Community Development Leader

Emma Goldie

Live Kirtan and Meditation
Practices and Life Integration

Sulekh Ruparell

Authentic Tabla and The Kirtan Band
An accomplished Tabla player & pioneer in the growing Kirtan World.

Louise Cashin

Yoga-Yoga restorative Queen
An expert in delivery & implementation
offering Family Flow & Integral Sessions

Alys Hennessy

  Authentic Soul Sounds
Soothing Interweaves in Kirtan