Omkar engages aspects of self to manifest change
with grace and ease.

Omkar utilises through experience, tried and tested
techniques to integrate into todays lifestyle
in the best way to suit you.

Omkar provides space, company and tools for you
to realise your higher aspects of self more permanently,
whilst providing a positive influence both in and around you.

Omkar is a space that you can find in and around you, by simply making a few consistent steps towards your development.

Who says that being spiritual means giving up life as you know it.
Upload better choices, more permanent results and the perfect lifestyle
to make an impact, integrating the best of both worlds.

Omkar is a chance to connect back to your source. Bridging Practices & (Philosophy) Magic of The East whilst integrating into an enriching and balanced lifestyle in the West.

Our international team brings the best of honed qualities that we’d love to share with our community, both at home, abroad and on a much broader web-based platform.

Our offerings include the perfect opportunities for you to connect with deeper aspects of self.

Omkar brings the profound to you, demystifying the spiritual, bringing the seeming elusive unattainable goals to your fingertips and everyday lives.

We have realised… through systematic action, discipline and gaining experience, more permanent results.

Activities Include Retreats, Meditation, Kirtan, Yoga, Detox, Rebuilding Self & Community through Bhakti, Connecting to Nature, Seva & Mindfulness


Find the silence, the place where time stops and the moment where space expands. Omkar reconnects us with a presence which deciphers our potential unfolding as creation on the canvas of life.



Omkar London holds regular Yoga sound experiences including Kirtan, Mantra, Chanting, Poetry & Singing Bowls. Using the magnetism of frequency and resonance, the mind is stilled to bring a sense of freedom and space from the general noise of us being pulled by our human daily experiences.


Omkar India offers the profound opportunity to connect to the motherland, with all its riches and depth of spiritual wealth. Our premium space offers detox, rejuvenation and immersion for body, mind & soul.
Opportunities include Spiritual and Yogic Practices, Premium Coconut Detox Packages and Community Engagement programmes to engage with the local culture. All packages include Meditation, Kirtan, balanced healthy meals, Excursions to Temples and Holy grounds.
Our Tiruvannamalai retreat centre provides the perfect escape from the outside world to focus on restoration of mind body and soul. We look forward to welcoming you there.


Our team of experts offer a range of quietening and enriching practices and exercises to engage the soul.


Emma engages action in individuals and groups
by creating optimum conditions for inspiration.

Through Yoga, Mantra, Sound, Poetry and Bhakti Work
Emma delivers a presence and optimism, even through
the most challenging of lives and times.

Enriching life through body and soul is Emma’s passion
with the view that only when we connect with our truest nature
can we be receptive to what life unfolds before us.


We source international specialists who’s know how and passion drives the level at Omkar to excellence.

We love India so much…..that we are bringing India to you and bringing you to India!